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Patient Testimonials

  • I went to the good Dr. Badman when he with AHN and I had made the decision for him to be my surgeon from that point forward.. I know that he is well trained and skilled surgeon.. He also, communicates very well..I look forward to him repairing my rotator cuff on my left shoulder and giving me back full ROM without pain. He also, has an impeccable reputation with his colleagues and peer group..
    By - Micheal
    21-Jul-2023 05:42 AM
  • I was told by another doctor that there was nothing they could do for my shoulder. Dr Badman said there was a plan of action we could take. We discussed options and I felt he listened to me and will definitely help me along my journey.
    By - Mary
    21-Jul-2023 05:42 AM
  • He did my right shoulder in 2014 been very happy scince why I picked him again
    By - Stephen
    21-Jul-2023 05:40 AM
  • I have seen many of the doctors there and each has been most caring and helpful in my medical issues and treatment.
    By - Uta
    21-Jul-2023 05:39 AM
  • The dr and the staff were very nice and caring that means so much to me to have them care.
    By - Sally
    21-Jul-2023 05:38 AM
  • Did a great job. Explained everything fully.
    By - Bruce
    21-Jul-2023 05:37 AM
  • First visit to a new MD - feeling much uncertainty when I entered the building - the staff beginning with the front desk were all welcoming & professional - I left feeling very comfortable about facing surgery but I felt I was in good hands.
    By - Bonnie
    21-Jul-2023 05:36 AM
  • I was referred to Dr. Badman indirectly/discretely by a physician at another practice. At that practice, a procedure was recommended for my shoulder, but the doctor at that practice who performed the procedure was not available to see me for over 2 weeks. In the interim, I called Dr. Badman and was scheduled to be seen within 2 business days. I found him to be very thorough in his explanation of the recommended procedure, including the risks/benefits and expected outcomes. I subsequently saw the surgeon at the original practice, who recommended a totally different procedure. I called and asked to speak with Dr. Badman about this discrepancy. He personally called me back within 30 minutes, and spent 30 minutes explaining the pros/cons of the 2 different procedures. He also gave me guidance regarding the lack of urgency for either of the procedures, and told me to call back with any additional questions. This kind of patient-centered responsiveness is how medicine should be practiced!
    By - Laurie
    21-Jul-2023 05:35 AM
  • In 2017 I had a shoulder replacement by another Orthopedic. In 2018 my range of motion became restricted. My wife researched online and watched a video of Dr Badman, who at the time was located in Avon, IN. We learned from this about him, his training and experience with Shoulder Reversal. Made an appointment and had surgery in May 2018. Would definitely recommend Dr Badman and we traveled 179 mi roundtrip to appointment now he's located in Fishers IN. Once you find someone so dedicated to his patients and their well being and go the extra mile for you, you will too!
    By - Ronald
    21-Jul-2023 05:35 AM
  • Fixed the problem!
    By - Carlyne
    21-Jul-2023 05:34 AM
  • Dr. Badman came highly recommended. It was a very informative first visit. I feel very confident that my surgery will be successful.
    By - Ellis
    21-Jul-2023 05:26 AM
  • They all were wonderful. Was asked questions and looked at the xray and MRI and told me the results and how they are going to fix this. Daughter in law was with me and she is PT and she highly recommended DR Brian Badman MD. All his assistance was wonderful. I had a wonderful experience and I will highly recommend Dr Brian Badman MD Thank You!
    By - Kathleen
    21-Jul-2023 05:26 AM
  • I came to Dr. Badman for a second opinion and am so glad I did. After looking over my MRI, xrays he determined I did not need surgery at this time. He offered two alternatives to try and I felt very confident in his decision regarding my care. Outstanding physician!!!
    By - Jeffery
    21-Jul-2023 05:25 AM
  • Everyone that we gave information to was professional. The dr. was very professional and explained what was wrong and what could be done and the dangers of surgery. He said he would give a steroid shot to hopefully help with the pain. He was very careful even when he gave the shot because of the danger of nicking an artery or muscle if he went to deep. I feel he was very professional and helped understand the situation.
    By - Glen
    21-Jul-2023 05:24 AM
  • Doctors are Awesome and Rehab Team is Awesome!
    By - Michelle
    21-Jul-2023 05:23 AM
  • Everyone was really friendly and professional. I'm happy I was referred to Dr. Badman by Amy Goodpaster. Dr. Badman was just as she said, very very intelligent and quick and precise in evaluating what my issue was. I feel like I am in great hands.
    By - Terry
    21-Jul-2023 05:22 AM
  • Dr Badman repaired my torn rotator cuff on my right side in 2021. He did awesome job. He had left Optum where I had my last surgery done. So decided to find him to repair my left side when I started having trouble. He does excellent work!
    By - Kerri
    21-Jul-2023 05:21 AM
  • Dr Badman and his Resident were refreshing; when I went to the ER for the original evaluation after the accident, I felt 'empty' and 'placated'. This visit however, I felt that I was treated well, educated and my plight was studied and the best course of action taken. It was a collaboration between patient and medical personnel; I feel confident that I will be treated well and my future questions and concerns will be addressed. Very satisfied with the visit. Auxillary staff was very caring and professional also. They leave me with the feeling they will take care of me pre and post op and I'll be a 'poster child' for their practice!
    By - Toni
    21-Jul-2023 05:20 AM
  • We arrived several minutes early for my appointment and were surprised that he saw saw me even before my appointment time. Everyone was very courteous and friendly. Dr. Badman explained my problems and what my options were. He made me feel comfortable about the choice to go ahead with surgery. I am looking forward to getting it done, healing and getting back to my regular routine.
    By - Mary
    21-Jul-2023 05:19 AM
  • It was a very good experience really liked doctor Badman even with his ND shirt on.
    By - Fred
    21-Jul-2023 05:17 AM
  • Every single person that I have been in contact with for the last 15 years has been very cordial and understanding. That is quite a stress reliever for anyone with medical problems
    By - Rex
    21-Jul-2023 05:16 AM
  • Five years ago I had a total shoulder replacement performed by Dr. Badman. He is an incredible surgeon. His skill and personal interactions with his patients engender confidence and a sense of security, that as a patient, you are in the best hands possible. His assistant Brad is also an asset to the practice.
    By - Debra
    21-Jul-2023 05:15 AM
  • Thank You very much for the great care you have giving me.
    By - Roy
    21-Jul-2023 05:13 AM
  • Just amazed at how nice and personable everyone was. I Felt very comfortable and loved that all staff members had great senses of humor. Many places that I have visited that provide medical support have, a sort of arrogance. Not at CIO, there's a strong sense of professionalism and yet welcoming. Stellar experience!!
    By - Jason
    21-Jul-2023 04:58 AM
  • For being my very first appointment with Dr Badman, I felt very comfortable with his demeanor. He showed me my MRI, and gave me a clear explanation of my condition and options for treatment. Feel fortunate to be under his care.
    By - James
    21-Jul-2023 04:56 AM
  • Dr. Badman and his team are thorough and professional in all aspects of the care I have received. They made me feel as though I was their top priority and provided a high level of mental comfort during a time when the stress concerning the pandemic was escalating.
    By - Gary Fricke
    10-Jan-2022 08:53 AM
  • Great Ron Berry
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:52 AM
  • Friendly and respectful. Explains things without sugar coating or beating around the bush. Once the plan was agreed on went forward right away.
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:52 AM
  • Dr. Badman was referred by a friend who highly recommended him. I felt very well treated by Dr. B and his staff.
    By - RW
    10-Jan-2022 08:51 AM
  • Very nice and reassuring. Did a good job on my surgery. Very happy with Dr. Badman.
    By - Mary Pat Maehling
    10-Jan-2022 08:50 AM
  • After experiencing pain in my right shoulder in 2013, my General Practitioner performed an evaluation to establish my range of motion, and determined that my condition warranted an X-ray. Upon consulting with the radiologist, my GP referred me to Dr. Badman. Best referral ever! Dr. Badman and his staff were very professional and the treatment that I received was exceptional. As it turned out, I had a torn rotator cuff, as well as torn bicep. He successfully repaired both defects, provided guidance/support throughout my 12 month rehabilitation, and thankfully I regained my full range of motion and strength. I even joke about the fact that it feels like Dr. Badman put a 20 year old shoulder in my now 50 year old body. 2021 and my right shoulder and bicep feel great! Dr. Badman is professional, highly respected, and the only physician entrusted to repair my left (old goat) shoulder should any issues or injuries ever take place. 10/10 definitely recommend
    By - Joel Otero
    10-Jan-2022 08:50 AM
  • Great
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:49 AM
  • It went very well and we came home the same day
    By - Kenneth F. Kettler
    10-Jan-2022 08:49 AM
  • Dr. Badman explained my shoulder surgery very well at first(consultation) visit. He came highly recommended and my surgery went well. Am now going to rehab and my physical therapist said I am doing very well.
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:48 AM
  • Dr. Badman and staff were patient, caring and explained my health condition. They took time and I never felt rushed. My specific condition was complex and my questions were many. The surgery itself was meticulous and recovery was uneventful. Most of all, he partnered with me; an approach that I appreciated and responded to the best. I defintely am happy that he is taking care of my shoulder issues.
    By - Winnie Soviar
    10-Jan-2022 08:48 AM
  • Dr Badman performed my full shoulder replacement and I can't recommend him enough! He's short sweet and to the point at visits which I appreciate. His office staff is always helpful and will help you get what you need.
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:47 AM
  • I was taken very good care of and had the best of treatment by Dr. Badman and I would recommend him to everyone I know because he is the best in my opinion.
    By - Larry E. Walker
    10-Jan-2022 08:47 AM
  • Awesome... They explain what they done and had great bedside maners .
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:46 AM
  • Went very well.
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:46 AM
  • Dr Badman did my right shoulder in Sept 2020, have regained full range of motion. I'm 92 (almost 93) and I fell in April and broke my left arm. He again, did my surgery. I have nothing but praise for his surgery and care. My therapist says I'm "ahead of the game and kicking butt" Thank you Dr. Badman and staff
    By - bmg
    10-Jan-2022 08:42 AM
  • Dr. Badman corrected the implant that was placed incorrectly in my left shoulder. I would have not gone to anyone but Dr. Badman to perform the right shoulder replacement that I needed. I have already recommended him to several people that I know and I trust him with my care.
    By - Christine Mizia
    10-Jan-2022 08:41 AM
  • Very professional and efficient. Dr Badman listened to my concerns and thoughts. He explained things well and answered all my questions. Three weeks post op and all is well. Exceeded my expectations so far.
    By - G Myers
    10-Jan-2022 08:41 AM
  • Dr. Badman is knowledgeable and partners with you to determine the best treatment option. He performed surgery on my left shoulder last year, and I've had remarkable results. I have full range of motion with no pain. He performed surgery on my right shoulder this year, and I'm well on the path to recovery. He listened to my concerns. It's great when you have trust and confidence in your doctor.
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:40 AM
  • Dr. Badman has replaced both of my shoulders. I was only on pain meds for 5 days for both operations. My first shoulder replacement was just over one and a half years ago. The scar barely shows, and I have full range of motion with that shoulder. The second shoulder replacement is on its way to be just as successful. I have had no problems from the surgeries. Dr. Badman and his staff are very caring. I highly recommend Dr. Badman.
    By - Pamela Meyer
    10-Jan-2022 08:40 AM
  • I am extremely happy with my experience with Dr. Badman. So far I am progressing better than I could have ever expected with my recovery.
    By - Dan Edwards
    10-Jan-2022 08:39 AM
  • This was my first intrusive surgery of any kind. The information presented to me pre surgery and post surgery was very informative. I was scared going in but the surgical team made me feel at ease.
    By - Thomas
    10-Jan-2022 08:39 AM
  • Dr. Badman and staff are excellent. Always answered my questions and never rushed me. My surgery ended up being difficult and I'm so glad I had such an experienced surgeon. I am three weeks post op and feeling great. Looking forward to being able to move my shoulder in the coming weeks.
    By - RH
    10-Jan-2022 08:38 AM
  • Wonderful
    By - Linda Pedersen
    10-Jan-2022 08:38 AM
  • This is my second shoulder surgery that I have had and Dr. Badman has performed both of them. Honestly, the first surgery (right shoulder) is as if I have never had surgery. Absolutely no pain and full range of motion. Right now I am 3 weeks post-op on my left shoulder surgery and so far it is on the same trajectory. I would recommend him to anyone who is contemplating having shoulder surgery.
    By - Yancy
    10-Jan-2022 08:37 AM
  • Dr. Brian badman is an excellent surgeon, he did a virtual appointment with me after a failed first surgery. He told me the truth, and I really respect him for that. I finally got my shoulder fixed it was my bicep, my New surgeon did a bicep tenodesis. Put your faith in this man because he’s an honest man. Thanks for your help God bless??
    By - Debbie
    10-Jan-2022 08:36 AM
  • I have had Dr. Badman do Reverse Shoulder Surgery on both of my shoulders. I have greatly appreciated the care he has taken of me. I had a good outcome with the 1st reverse shoulder replacement about 5yrs ago and so far after 3 weeks in with the left shoulder it's going good also! I would very much recommend Dr. Badman for your shoulder surgery!!
    By - Carlotta Griner
    10-Jan-2022 08:36 AM
  • I am 3 weeks post op and have to admit this surgery was easier than I had expected. I had very little pain and was off pain medication in 4 days. I am on my way to recovery and feel blessed to have such a great surgeon.
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:35 AM
  • I have been blessed with great doctors and surgeons in my life and Dr. Badman is one of the best. My reverse shoulder surgery went exceptionally well. Little to no pain after surgery. Thank you Dr. Badman
    By - Blessed in Bargersville
    10-Jan-2022 08:35 AM
  • I feel Dr Badman is very thorough and knowledgeable. He has kept me informed and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend him and his team.
    By - Deb
    10-Jan-2022 08:34 AM
  • Awesome ?? This surgeon is very concerned about you and your thoughts and feelings
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:34 AM
  • This was my first major surgery. I had a total shoulder replacement three weeks ago. I only needed pain meds for a few days after surgery and am without pain now. Dr. Badman and his team are thorough, friendly, competent and run like a well oiled machine! I’m anxious to start therapy and get back to normal. I would highly recommend Dr. Badman, Jenna and staff for any shoulder related surgical needs!
    By - Kathy M
    10-Jan-2022 08:33 AM
  • My experience was great ,Dr. Badman explained the only option I had to get my shoulder repaired. I've got more years to work and be active now after I am healed up I can continue.
    By - John J. Hopkins
    10-Jan-2022 08:33 AM
  • Surgery went very well and post surgical pain was very minimal. Range of motion is more than anticipated 3 weeks post surgery. I am very pleased with the results and the attention given by Dr. Badman and Jenna Nowlin PA-C. Looking forward to a full recovery.
    By - Mark J. Lawler
    10-Jan-2022 08:32 AM
  • Dr. Badman is very Thorough. I am So impressed with him and his technique. His live videos are calming and informative. I am So glad I chose Dr. Badman to do my shoulder surgery!!!!!!
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:31 AM
  • Great
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:30 AM
  • It was very good
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:30 AM
  • Successful total shoulder arthroplasty.
    By - Anonymous
    10-Jan-2022 08:29 AM
  • I was looking for a Christian doctor with a lot of experience. I found that in Dr. Badman. I used to work for Christian eye surgeons who are the best in their field and I know how important it is to have this kind of physician. Dr. Badman has a protocol he has developed to help you before and after your surgery He has classes and videos for you to watch. He is excellent, but so is his staff and associates. His staff and operating team have one desire - help get you well through and after surgery. Now I am off to PT. Hope this part of the adventure goes as well as it has so far
    By - Jim Gladfelter
    10-Jan-2022 08:28 AM
  • I’m really pleased with my surgery, Dr Badman has always done an awesome job on shoulders to be able to function with out the severe pain.He in my opinion is a awesome Doctor. I believe he is in the best interest of the patient and what would be the best way to fix what is wrong with my shoulder. His definitely giving me a chance to have a quality life with the surgery I had on both my shoulders and with also having RA what was the best route to go. Very happy with my surgery!
    By - Tammy
    10-Jan-2022 08:27 AM
  • Very matter of fact and gives you information you want to know what not what you want to hear. Very skilled surgeon. Recommended good PT. Fast recovery
    By - maya wagle
    10-Jan-2022 08:26 AM
  • Excellent experience with total reverse shoulder replacement and rotator cuff repair. Website is exceptional to explain the process and what to expect. I am from Fort Wayne and my PT was surprised at how well my recovery is going too. SO glad I drove to Indy for Dr. Badman's care. I will recommend him to everyone.
    By - Carol M Riley
    10-Jan-2022 08:25 AM
  • I am 3 weeks out after successful total left shoulder replacement. 16 months ago I had a total right shoulder replacement. Dr. Badman performed both of my surgeries. He is a skilled surgeon who has my best interest in mind. He and his entire team were very professional while showing a caring attitude. He answered all of my questions before and after surgery. My recovery with the left shoulder is progressing very well, I think ahead of the recovery from my right shoulder replacement. I would highly recommend him for shoulder pain and/or replacement.
    By - Susie Koriath
    10-Jan-2022 08:25 AM
  • Had total shoulder replacement of the right shoulder 3 weeks ago, and everything appears to be fine. Pain was very tolerable, swelling is gone and starting to get some motion. The surgery itself was quick and uneventful. Would highly recommend Dr. Badman.
    By - Phillip J Fowler
    10-Jan-2022 08:23 AM
  • Need Brian to see new X-ray @ IU west Since 8/4 Covid. Doing 100% better. L shoulder not, need Brian ! ASAP. Pinch nerve or I need to be recluse ? Look @ X-ray, come up & see me, room 4110, schedule surgery,if needed, you have ALL my info. THANK YOU.
    By - Rock Neville
    22-Aug-2021 07:54 AM
  • I have had shoulder pain for many years and was apprehensive about surgery. Dr Badman performed a reverse shoulder replacement for me on September 17. After the surgery my shoulder hurt less than it did before without taking pain medication. I don't know why I waited so long in getting the procedure done. I wish that I had done it some time ago. Dr Badman and staff were the greatest. They even had a really neat app for my phone to keep track of my healing process. I very highly recommend Dr Badman for anyone that has shoulder pain!
    By - Mike Dreyer
    02-Dec-2019 03:31 PM
  • I am 65 years old. I had shoulder pain in both shoulders for many years. I had to give up my love of playing softball because of the pain of osteoarthritis. Dr. Badman did reverse shoulder replacement on both shoulders. I can’t express the difference it has made. I am pain free for the first time in years. I can play softball again but more than that I can keep up with my 8 year old grandson, Zayde. Thanks Dr Badman.
    By - John mutz
    30-Nov-2019 08:40 AM
  • After years of pain, Dr Badman convinced me with an ultra-sound that I indeed had a tear in the rotator cuff and explained the surgery to me. Went just as he described. Physical therapy and time have put me back to almost normal after a few short months. Thanks Dr Badman and staff!
    By - Randall Krise
    29-Aug-2019 10:18 AM
  • Dr. Badman did a reverse shoulder replacement for me on Jan. 15, 2019. I could not be more please with the results. In my case, since I had put off the surgery for so long, I had almost immediate relief from pain and was off of prescription pain medications in less than a week. I am six months out from surgery and have full range of motion to the front, side and and even up to the middle of my back. I am working on strengthening now but couldn't be happier with my results.
    By - Rebecca A. Hayes
    10-Jul-2019 02:02 PM
  • I had a torn labrum repair and a biceps tenodesis procedure done on my right shoulder in March of 2019. I am just about 4 months post-op and I have completed all of my scheduled physical therapy. I am back doing all the things I love, still taking it a bit easy with certain motions, but experiencing no pain at all. I anticipate being back to full strength in another couple of months. I would recommend Dr. Badman to anyone experiencing shoulder issues. Very professional, knowledgeable, and highly skilled!
    By - Yancy Taber
    28-Jun-2019 02:55 PM
  • I had total shoulder replacement on 2/12/2019. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. Surgery went very well with no complications. Had some pain after nerve block wore of for about 12 hrs. and that was it. What a surprise that was after all the horror stories I had heard about this surgery. Dr. Badman is a great surgeon and wonderful person. Explained the procedure well and the outcome was exactly as he said. I was able to return to work after 10 weeks and continue to gain strength and range of motion. i would highly recommend Dr. Badman and his wonderful staff.
    By - Richard W. Sears
    03-May-2019 03:23 PM
  • Finding I needed another shoulder replacement after having one 2 years ago & getting one doctors opinion, we researched the internet and found Dr Badman. Watching his video and seeing his credentials, I made an appointment. I was informed I would need a Shoulder Reversal Replacemet. After much needed surgery, I recovered much faster with this replacement than the first! I was able to discontinue pain meds within four days after surgery! My range of motion is greater this time around than first! I HIGHLY recommend Dr Badman & staff!
    By - Ronald Anderson
    05-Nov-2018 09:44 AM
  • It has been one year since my right shoulder surgery with Dr. Badman and as of today I am doing wonderful with no problems...."knock on wood". I have referred several people to Dr. B. Thank you Dr. B for your good work!!!!
    By - Carol Maley
    24-Oct-2018 07:56 AM
  • I came across Dr. Badman's excellent ratings and reviews while researching surgeons to do my reverse shoulder replacement's. The old saying came to mind; " if it sounds too good to be true it probably is not ", however this is not so with Dr. Badman. He is an exceptionally great surgeon and person, and has earned and deserves every positive comment made about him. I am 75 years old and have worked heavy construction all my life. My shoulder problems began over 30 years ago, naturally deteriorated and became more painful as the years passed . Two surgeons told me my shoulders were too bad to do anything with. The "Golden Years & Uncle Arthur" raising their ugly heads making the pain unbearable. I spoke with 3 other surgeons about the reverse shoulder replacement but they said there would be a 6 to 9 month recovery period and I would only be able to raise my arms to the top of my head. After talking with Dr. Badman for a couple of minutes, I felt like I was talking to an old friend. He explained everything completely and answered all of my questions. He didn't claim to be able to work miracles nor did he make any outlandish promises for perfect results. Right shoulder was done on Nov. 8th, 2017 and my left on Feb. 20, 2018. I can't begin to describe how happy and amazed I am with the results. I have full use of my arms in every direction with absolutely no pain. What Dr, Badman did for me was tenfold better that what I had expected or hoped for. In my mind, Dr. Badman is a miracle worker. I would recommend him 100%.
    By - harold l baute
    23-May-2018 03:25 PM
  • Dr Badman was surgeon who did Kol's shoulder after 4 wheeler accident- awesome

    By - Vickie S
    03-Aug-2017 04:27 AM
  • Congratulations! Dr. Badman is a great doctor! I went to him for my knees! I wish there was something like this for knees!

    By - Cynthia B
    03-Aug-2017 04:26 AM
  • I've worked with him. He's a really good doctor and surgeon.

    By - Mimi M
    03-Aug-2017 04:25 AM
  • Dr.Badman gave me total shoulder replacement feb 14 at IU West Avon In. I got along with no pain. Dr Badman is a great Surgeon.

    By - John Rebecca P
    03-Aug-2017 04:23 AM
  • Almost two years since a shoulder replacement,great results. ?

    By - Janice Hughes G
    03-Aug-2017 04:23 AM
  • My mother has had both rotator cuffs repaired by Dr. Badman. He is WONDERFUL!!!

    By - Carmen Merica R
    03-Aug-2017 04:22 AM
  • Dr Badman operated on my shoulder and did a wonderful job , rehab went well and no problems at all . Have full use !! Thank you Dr Badman

    By - Jim O'b
    03-Aug-2017 04:21 AM
  • Bad man performed total reverse shoulder replacement with tendon transfer one year right shoulder. Absolutely best surgeon I have had (I've had 11different surgeries).

    By - Debby D
    03-Aug-2017 04:20 AM
  • He’s the BEST!! Between him and my PT team headed up by, Mark Stead, I recovered very quickly!

    By - Beth Napier M
    03-Aug-2017 04:19 AM
  • Great doctor. Repaired my “bad tear”. I have full use of my shoulder now.

    By - Becky R
    03-Aug-2017 04:17 AM
  • Dr. Badman did both of my shoulders in the same year two years ago. Both as good as new, thank you Dr. Badman….Cecil

    By - Cathy A B
    03-Aug-2017 04:17 AM
  • He did injections in my shoulders. A great doctor.

    By - Shelley S
    03-Aug-2017 04:15 AM
  • He did my shoulder replacement. Awesome Doctor

    By - Jeanne Huffman C
    03-Aug-2017 04:14 AM
  • Wow!! I wish that had been available when I needed rotator cuff surgery. After having rotator cuff surgery, reverse shoulder replacement surgery was required. Dr Badman did my replacement surgery. I am quite pleased with the outcome.

    By - Sherry Williams F
    03-Aug-2017 04:13 AM
  • Very interesting and happy patients have had great results. I have had two rotator cuff surgeries,long recovery but thankful for a great physical therapist.

    By - Mary Jane Hahn F
    03-Aug-2017 04:12 AM
  • I had rotator cuff surgeries on both of my shoulders in 2015.

    The first in February and the second in September. Friends I have talked with who have had these surgeries say it is worst thing they have ever experienced. After my 2 surgeries I tell these friends that perhaps they chose the wrong surgeon. By following his instructions and physical therapy protocols I have had little discomfort and and healing nicely.

    I cannot give a more heartfelt and sincere testimonial on behalf of Dr. Badman. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have given a big part of my life back to me.

    Anyone considering shoulder surgery should definitely consider him. Keep up the good work Doc!

    By - Steve A
    03-Aug-2017 04:11 AM
  • Best decision and an awesome doctor and staff! I couldn’t even reach up to adjust my rear view mirror pre-surgery. I can reach overhead for the first time in years. Utterly amazing and more movement than I dreamed I would ever have.

    Here are some secrets to make the process much easier!

    Expect to walk into the surgery room and climb onto the table yourself. How weird is that? Say hi to everyone! They’re going to make you a new shoulder. And you’re going to be sitting up, which makes total sense but isn’t something that you’re thinking about.

    When you wake up, your shoulder and arm are stiff and immobile but they don’t hurt. I thought I would wake up in terrible pain but that wasn’t the case at all. You’ll be in a Napolean pose in the “immobilizer” (a sling with a cushion), that holds you nice and snug. It was simply unfamiliar.

    The shoulder muscles hurt–they’ve been moved around–but the shoulder itself doesn’t. And if, like me, you had lived with pain, what you will deal with post-surgery is a cakewalk. Take the meds, but know that you’re finally on the way up, not down, and this is a good hurt.

    Bring clothes for post-surgery that you can put on with one arm! At the last minute I thought about this and brought loose yoga pants, a loose-fitting tank top and loose cardigan. The physical therapists will teach you how to dress before you leave–and then make sure that you can do it on your own. Good-by, tight jeans. (Oh, and forget about a bra for a few days. Its just not happening. A sports bra that you can wiggle over your head and arm are great after a week.)

    Sleeping is difficult. It just is. You cannot comforably lie down. My brother rented a recliner for the first few weeks and I wish I had done the same. I slept sitting on the sofa with my arm propped up with pillows.

    Commit to physical therapy with a good attitude. You will be absolutely thrilled with your progress if you just follow instructions.

    I hope your outcome is as great as mine! Everyone is rooting for you! Thank you so much, Dr. Badman, Brad and staff. You guys rock!

    By - Sandra P
    03-Aug-2017 04:06 AM
  • Please accept my thanks for repairing a shoulder that was operated on four times prior! I wish I found you earlier… it would have prevented me from having years of pain & suffering. Your procedure has resulted in me being “pain free” and accomplishing my goal of being able to swim again. I cannot thank you enough.

    Your office recommended the ATI office on the Southside and that was an excellent choice for me. Jon Ramos and Shradha Choudhary only worked on me. I would recommend them highly as I do you.

    Again, thank you for helping a 70 year old man get new hope.

    By - Adolph H
    03-Aug-2017 04:05 AM
  • We wanted to thank Dr Badman, our daughter Paula had a bad broken elbow she just had her second surgery, Dr Badman sat down with us and discussed a plan to re-pair the damage, Dr Badman and his staff were very helpful compassionate friendly, Dr Badman is just wonderful so kind very patience, Dr Badman and his staff we thank you for the loving care you gave Paula.

    By - James @ Sara L
    03-Aug-2017 04:04 AM
  • Doc is great. Bedside manner bar none. Excellent job on me. Thanks! See this guy if have bad shoulder!

    By - John
    03-Aug-2017 04:03 AM
  • I highly recommend Dr. Badman, for rotator cuff surgery or any shoulder injury. He explained the procedure thoroughly. He followed up personally. I have never waited more than 5 minutes for any appointments. My shoulder is doing great following his plan has made my recovery pain free, for me!!

    By - Julie G
    03-Aug-2017 04:02 AM
  • I wanted to thank Dr. Badman and his staff for an excellent outcome. I had a partial replacement that never got rid of my pain. I was worried that I might have to live with that pain the rest of my life. I was very depressed and was giving up the things I enjoyed including lifting my grandbabbies. Dr Badman revised my shoulder to a reversal. My rotor cuff was in bad shape. I am now five years out from the revision and continue to be pain free other than the occasional soreness. I can’t thank this man enough.

    By - SC
    03-Aug-2017 04:01 AM

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